8 Hour NRA Concealed Carry Weapon Training




Class Information:

CCW students ‪start at 8:30am

  • Ear Protection- Mandatory
  • Eye Protection-Mandatory
  • Water- Highly Recommended
  • Holster that is the correct one for the guns you will using. Unsafe holsters will not be allowed. Spur R Guns has several holsters in stock.
  • Close toe shoes Mandatory
  • Pants-Mandatory
  • Sun Screen-Recommended
  • Outdoor chair (folding)-Recommended for the range
  • Guns shall come in a gun box or holster into the range (unloaded) NO LOADED GUNS
  • Initial Students Please bring 200 rounds for one gun and 36 round for any additional gun you want to add to your permit.
  • Re-certification  students will need 36 rounds per gun you want on your permit
  • Bring any gun that you want to have on your CCW Permit. You have to qualify with any gun you want on your permit now!**_
  • Anything else that you may feel you need!

**Mandatory- ALL guns must have a holster on the range!**

The most important thing is we are SAFE and have a FUN TIME!! The fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling are:

  • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This is the primary rule of gun safety. …
  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. …
  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Please know these rules and we will be discussing further in class.

Additional information

8 Hour Training Dates

8 Hour NRA CCW Training July 25, 2020, 8 Hour NRA CCW Training August 15, 2020

AZ Non-resident Add-on

No Add-on, AZ Non-resident Add-on $20


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