Defensive Handgun Training 11/14/20


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Defensive shooting technique training. Real life shooting applications, shooting on the move, reloading on the move, shooting from cover and much more. Join us for a fun filled day on the range! This 4 hour class will be a post election hit!! 150-200 rounds for your favorite gun. Must have a holster and must have taken a CCW course with a permit, or have taken lessons from ROZO Tactical. This is not a beginner training it will be advanced level.


  • Ear Protection- Mandatory Eye Protection-Mandatory Water- Highly Recommended Close toe shoes-Mandatory Pants-Mandatory
  • Sun Screen-Recommended
  • Outdoor chair (folding)-Recommended
  • Guns shall come in a gun box to the range(unloaded)
  • Anything else that you may feel you need!
  • The most important thing is we are SAFE and have a FUN TIME!!